“Limex Service” Company is a member of the network of world baggage carriers – WBN (

“Limex Service” Company provides services on the transportation of personal effects and unaccompanied baggage. We offer transportation of commercial cargoes, transportation and storage of personal effects in case of moving, packaging of property in case of moving to other countries, transportation of pets. The Company always ready to provide the required documentation and information on the features of import of personal effects to a certain country.

Scope of these types of transportation is not limited to the territory of Ukraine. We will help deliver or pick up personal effects in any country of the European Union, in all the countries of Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. Due to an extensive partner network, our customers also have an opportunity to use the service of receipt to transportation and delivery of personal effects precisely at the address specified by the customer in the contract (hotel, office, home).

International transportation of baggage and personal effects is carried out by air, road and sea transport. It can include:

  • Development of the best route to deliver the cargo by our experts;
  • Loading/unloading of personal effects;
  • Manufacture and use of high-quality packaging to preserve the integrity of the cargo;
  • Storage of cargoes at the warehouse;
  • Delivery of cargoes of any type and volume by air, road or sea transport;
  • Door to door delivery;
  • Customs clearance of baggage and personal effects.


We care about our customers; therefore, we offer only favorable and optimal rates for the transportation of baggage. Customers can adjust the cost of transportation themselves by changing terms of transportation and type of transport.

The transport company ensures preparation of all the required documents for international transportation of personal effects and baggage, as well as legal support of the cargo till its receipt by the customer. Cargo can be delivered airport to airport, airport to door, door to airport and door to door in Odessa and other cities of Ukraine, as well as Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. The company provides its warehouse for temporary or long-term storage of personal effects and baggage. We guarantee integrity and preservation of your cargo, regardless of the terms of storage and volume.